Optical print, c.1780, €575 from Gert Jan Bestebreurtje Rare Books.

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Gert Jan Bestebreurtje Rare Books

This rare optical print, c.1780, depicts a bird’s-eye view of the town of Batavia from the sea. Printed by Bergmüller with text in both German and French, it is offered for €575.

Peter Harrington


First edition copy of ‘The Principles of Mr Harrison’s Time-Keeper’, 1767, £100,000 from Peter Harrington.

A rare first edition copy of The Principles of Mr Harrison’s Time-Keeper (1767) – the primary account of the invention of the marine chronometer - is available for £100,000. The text is accompanied by 10 folding engraved plates showing the technical details of John Harrison’s celebrated fourth timekeeper, H4.

Rainford & Parris Books


Proof copy of Anthony Powell’s ‘A Question of Upbringing’, £3750 from Rainford & Parris Books.

Anthony Powell is best known for his 12-volume novel A Dance to the Music of Time, published from 1951-75. The opening novel in the cycle is A Question of Upbringing, a proof copy of which Rainford & Parris offers on AbeBooks for £3750. As the wraps were printed on the verso of an unused illustration from another book published by Heinemann, parts of a bull terrier are visible on the inside cover.

Hordern House


Unrecorded album of watercolours by Sarah Stone (1760-1844), Aus$145,000 from Hordern House.

This unrecorded album of watercolours is by Sarah Stone (1760-1844), the artist best known for her contribution to the study of the natural history in the Pacific and Australia. This collection has a provenance to her family. It is available for Aus$145,000.

Stewart & Skeels


Portraits of Harry Lauder, c.1900, £1750 from Stewart & Skeels.

Pictured in this autographed portrait, c.1900, is Harry Lauder (1870-1950), a Scottish miner-turned-comedian and music-hall star who achieved international success. This image is one of nine taken by Willie Ross showing the performer in various costumes. The photos are offered together for £1750.

Jonathan Potter


Early printing of John Speed’s map of Cambridgeshire, 1612-c.1616, £1820 from Jonathan Potter.

This early printing of John Speed’s map of Cambridgeshire dates from 1612-c.1616, soon after the atlas’s first edition. The uncoloured image (with no text to the reverse) is included in Jonathan Potter’s 30% off sale offered for £1820 down from £2600.

Modern First Editions

A portfolio of Frank Lloyd Wright’s house designs was first published in book form in 1911 by Ernst Wasmuth of Berlin as Ausgeführte Bauten und Entwürfe von Frank Lloyd Wright. The so-called ‘Little Wasmuth’ includes an introduction by CR Ashbee. Priced at £900.

Tamino Autographs


Eight autograph letters from José Ortega y Gasset, priced at $8500 or $2000 each from Tamino Autographs.

One of a collection of eight autograph letters from the Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset (1883-1955). They are priced at $8500 or $2000 each.

Devonshire Fine Art – Antique Maps Online


John Pine’s ‘The Tapestry Hangings in the House of Lords’, 1739, £850 from Devonshire Fine Art – Antique Maps Online.

This 14 x 23in (36.5 x 60cm) engraving of a tapestry depicting the Spanish Armada off Plymouth Sound is taken from the 1739 plate book by John Pine The Tapestry Hangings in the House of Lords. It is available for £850.

Ankh Antiquarian Books


Complete works of Seneca, 1604, Aus$20,000 from Ankh Antiquarian Books.

Published in 1604, this folio contains the complete works of Seneca in Latin as well as some in ancient Greek. Stamped to the morocco binding with the arms of a Knight of the Garter its edge papers are stained in red ink suggesting it came from a monastic library. Available on eBay for Aus$20,000.

The Manhattan Rare Book Company


‘A Portfolio of 10 Paintings’ by Piet Mondrian, $22,000 from The Manhattan Rare Book Company.

Offered for $22,000, A Portfolio of 10 Paintings by Piet Mondrian was printed in 1967. The work, one of just 150 copies produced, includes text by the artist written in 1927.

TE Jackson Books


Limited edition of ‘South Riding’ by Winifred Holtby, £600 from TE Jackson Books.

This copy of South Riding by Winifred Holtby is from a limited edition of 175 copies printed for the author’s friends and is offered for £600.

Lella & Gianni Morra


‘Rokujūyoshū meisho zue’ (Famous views of the Sixty-odd Provinces) by Utagawa Hiroshige, published in 1855, €2000 from Lella & Gianni Morra.

This view of Shimonoseki in Nagato Province is from the series Rokujūyoshū meisho zue (Famous views of the Sixty-odd Provinces) by Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858) published in 1855 by Koshimuraya Heisuke. It is offered in fine condition for €2000.

Lisa Tao Antiques & Art


Robert Hewlett’s albumen print of ‘The Great Eastern Steam Ship’, £1750 from Lisa Tao Antiques & Art.

Robert Hewlett’s albumen print of The Great Eastern Steam Ship from May 1856 is offered with a price tag of £1750.

York Modern Books


Copy of ‘Genesis’, 1924 by Nonesuch Press with Paul Nash woodcuts, £4750 from York Modern Books.

Twelve woodcuts by Paul Nash illustrate the first chapter of Genesis in this 1924 volume by Nonesuch Press. This copy in its original orange dust jacket belonged to Desmond Coke, a friend of Nash, and comes with a letter from the artist. It is priced at £4750.



‘Peepshow’ by Martin Engelbrecht, €1250 from Cartorama.

This ‘peepshow’ by Martin Engelbrecht (1684-1756) shows the kitchen of a country house. It features six pieces of hand-coloured copper engraved scenery – including a maid chasing a cat. In a modern box, it is priced at €1250.

Fishburn Books


1881 map of Western Palestine by CR Conder and HH Kitchener, £950 from Fishburn Books.

This 1881 map of Western Palestine was drawn by CR Conder and HH Kitchener from surveys conducted for the Committee of the Palestine Exploration Fund. Priced at £950, it folds into an original cloth box with a label for the publisher Edward Stanford.

Justin Croft Antiquarian Books


Ruytchi Souzouki sketches, £3500 from Justin Croft Antiquarian Books.

More than 300 sketches completed by Ruytchi Souzouki in Paris from 1949-62 are offered for £3500. They depict scenes from films and other popular entertainments of the day – among the recognisable faces are Sophia Loren, Bob Hope and Lucille Ball.

Souzouki had been a popular and respected artist in the 1920s-30s but his Japanese citizenship led to his increasing isolation during and after the war.

Potterton Books


Large folio first edition of ‘The Grammar of Ornament’ by Owen Jones from 1856, £11,000 from Potterton Books.

This large folio first edition of The Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones from 1856 includes 100 full-page chromolithographic plates, many highlighted in gilt. It is offered in its original gilt-decorated ornamental binding for £11,000.

Marrin’s Bookshop


‘Flora Londinensis’, 1817 edition, £17,000 from Marrin’s Bookshop.

The Flora Londinensis offers a history of indigenous British plants, but particularly those found in the London region in the mid 18th century. It was originally compiled by William Curtis in 1777, but the edition here, offered for £17,000, was that enlarged, edited and rewritten by William Hooker and George Graves in 1817. The five-volume work includes 647 hand-coloured plates – 432 from the Curtis first edition.

Sanders of Oxford


Map of the East Indies is from Willem Jansz Blaeu’s 'Atlas Novus' published in Amsterdam, c.1640, £1400 from Sanders of Oxford.

This map of the East Indies is from Willem Jansz Blaeu’s Atlas Novus published in Amsterdam, c.1640. It is shows much of Asia and some of Oceania, though most of Papua New Guinea is a blank and only a small section of the western Australian coast is included. Available for £1400.

Jonkers Rare Books


First edition of ‘Peter Pan in Kensington’ by JM Barrie, £6500 from Jonkers Rare Books.

Offered with a price tag of £6500, this first edition of Peter Pan in Kensington by JM Barrie features pictures by Arthur Rackham. The binding by Cedric Chivers is in full morocco with hand-painted vellum panels.

Hugues de Latude Livres Anciens


One of the 1067 woodcut illustrations from the second edition French translation of the ‘Hortus sanitatis…’ published by Phillipe Le Noir of Paris in 1539, €50,000 from Hugues de Latude Livres Anciens.

Pictured here is one of the 1067 woodcut illustrations from the second edition French translation of the Hortus sanitatis… published by Phillipe Le Noir of Paris in 1539. It describes species in the natural world along with their medicinal uses. This copy, which features contemporary hand colouring, has a price tag of €50,000.