Mid-century freeform table – €75,000 (£65,790) at Schops Turowski.

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Twenty bidders were allowed into the auction room but most bids came online or by phone.

The table was attributed to two of the most successful artists of their day: the French ceramicist Georges Jouve and the Swiss-French designer Janette Laverrière.

After the war, the formally trained Jouve became one of the leading lights in his métier. Originally he produced figurines and vessels, but later collaborated with numerous designers and architects such as Paule Marrot, Serge Mouille, Mathieu Matégot and Janette Laverrière.

The curving base of the 6ft 1in x 3ft 3in (1.85 x 1m) table was made of wood, possibly oak. The top comprised 10 black lacquered ceramic panels.

More than enough bidders were convinced that the attribution was correct and they were surely encouraged by the moderate guide of €4000. After prolonged bidding, the table changed hands for €75,000 (£65,790).