'Tossa de Mar' by Laureano Barrau is one of the works featured in Colnaghi’s 'Spanish Modern Landscapes' exhibition.

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All 13 artists whose works feature in the show trained at the art academies of Barcelona with many drawn to Paris, the epicentre of the art world, at the end of the 19th century. However, unlike their peers who included Degas, Picasso and DalÍ, few are household names outside their native Spain.

Colnaghi has collaborated with Barcelona galleries Sala Parés and Artur Ramon Art and says the show forms part of an “ongoing strategic project by the trio to bring Spanish artists from the turn of the 20th century to wider public recognition, restoring the prestige of arguably one of the best schools of painting in Europe”.

Modern thinkers

Spanish Modern Landscapes, which runs until June 18, features 23 works by artists such as Barrau, Nicolau Raurich, Santiago Rusiñol, Hermenegildo Anglada Camarasa, Francisco Gimeno Arasa and Joaquín Mir.

Together with raising the profiles of these artists abroad, the show also explores how they responded to the Spanish landscape as subject matter.

Prices range from €40,000-€350,000.