Joseon dynasty Korean wooden box sold for €70,000 (£60,870) at Van Ham.

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Due to the ongoing lockdown restrictions, customers were not allowed to participate in person.

All in all, online buyers accounted for half of the sold lots, far more than the auction house had ever experienced.

The top price of the sale, however, was set by one of two phone bidders who outpaced their numerous international competitors. They had set their sights on a moderately estimated Korean wooden box from the early to mid Joseon Dynasty, which ruled Korea from 1392-1897.

It was probably made prior to the late 16th century and designed to house brushes and other painting utensils. The 10in (25cm) wide box was decorated in the socalled Najeonchilgi technique, a combination of lacquer work and inlays of abalone shells with stylised floral decoration.

The box came from the descendants of the German industrialist and Asian art collector Franz Hugo Haniel (1883-1965) and was guided at €1500-3000.

After a long bidding match, a Korean collector based in the UK claimed his prize at €70,000 (£60,870).