Józef Brandt’s 'Schlacht zwischen Kosaken und Osmanen' (Battle between Cossacks and Ottomans), estimated at €80,000 at Siebers in Stuttgart.

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One of the family members worked part time as an art dealer and acquired the paintings now on offer for his private collection. They are being sold by his descendants.

One of the highlights is Józef Brandt’s Schlacht zwischen Kosaken und Osmanen (Battle between Cossacks and Ottomans), a 2ft x 3ft 3in (62cm x 1m) canvas, painted in Warsaw c.1896.

After his initial training in Paris, Brandt had joined the Munich academy in 1863, where he eventually became a professor, teaching many of the Polish artists who had fled the Russian oppression in their home country.

He specialised in battle paintings and enjoyed considerable success at international exhibitions and received several commissions from the Bavarian royal family and aristocracy. The estimate is €80,000.