Our recent coverage on how the Brexit trade deal has affected dealers.

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I recently have had to cancel two orders one to Spain (£95 charge on a £360 order) and to France (17% + £15 shippers’ collection charge on a £100 order) at their request due to these huge ‘new’ tariffs.

I have now lost 75% of my EU business because of the recent ‘world-beating trade deal with EU’.

My understanding was that there were to be no additional tariffs between the UK and the EU. Prior to January 1, there were no additional charges.

The Conservative Party has traditionally supported entrepreneurs and small business. This deal will put an end to existing UK-to-EU businesses, to new start-ups and to new small export companies unless we establish a truly tariff-free trading relationship with the EU.

Costly relationship

The current deal signals the end of our traditional trading relationship and constricts UK export-based business. This will ultimately cost us and our customers far, far more than it was costing us to stay within the free trade zone.

The Government needs to act quickly as EU companies are already starting to stop trading with the UK and vice-versa.

We built this country on our international trade; we are destroying it with this so called ‘no additional tariffs deal’.

Julian Vincent

Waiting game shame

MADAM – We had our first taste of post-Brexit importing recently.

What would normally cost us £300 to be delivered from The Netherlands cost us £800.

That was the simple side of the equation. The rigmarole of the paperwork nearly caused me to question my sanity.

Apparently we are being punished with tariffs by the EU for leaving. I wonder what the businesses in the EU think when I will no longer consider buying from them because of the cost and added headache.

Maybe this is a waiting game and when the furniture we like to buy from EU countries plummets in price we will consider it a worthwhile venture once again. What a shame.

Philip Crosthwaite

Cloverleaf Home Interiors