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The two men were from long lines of ceramicists and helped promote Japan’s ancient ceramic traditions. Working with scholar-potter Kawakita Handeishi (1878- 1963), they co-founded the group Karahinekai in 1942, dedicated to recovering golden age ceramic techniques from the Momoyama period of the 16th century.

The show features works not only by Kaneshige and Miwa, but also by their descendants, who have carried on the family tradition becoming artists in their own right. Most pieces in the show are priced between $5000-15,000, though some are more expensive.


Miwa Kyūsetsu X (Kyūwa), thickly lobed water jar with cover c.1970, glazed stoneware, one of the works on show at the Joan B Mirviss exhibition.

Mirviss is a specialist in modern and contemporary Japanese ceramics, ukiyo-e, and paintings.