Sitting Figures II by Lynn Chadwick – estimate €800,000-1.2m at Grisebach.

Photo: Christian Hagemann/Grisebach

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He had trained as a draughtsman and after the war he worked as a designer of textiles, furniture and stands for trade fairs, before devoting himself to creating works of art.

The knowledge he acquired at the welding school of the British Oxygen Company enabled him to produce his first welded sculptures in 1951.

He soon attracted the interest of international art experts, taking part at the Venice Biennale on several occasions, winning the international prize for sculpture there in 1956.

In the early 1970s, he set up his own bronze foundry at his country residence in Gloucestershire. Among the works he created there were the life-sized Sitting Figures II, an abstract, almost cubist bronze couple which he cast in an edition of six in 1979-80.

On December 1 Grisebach in Berlin is looking for a buyer for number five of the series. In contrast to other related pieces, where the seated couple are connected by a bench, these 6ft 4in (1.93m) high figures are seated independently from another. They have the characteristic geometric heads of most of Chadwick’s figures: the man’s head is rectangular, the woman’s triangular.

Estimate €800,000-1.2m.