Tea Time by Georgette Rondel, priced £8000 from Tim Williams Fine Art.

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The artist Georgette Rondel (1915-42) is not widely known, partly because she was a woman but also because she died young.

Originally from France, she is mainly associated with Ireland where she fled to in 1939 with her German husband, René Buhler, becoming a member of the avant-garde coterie of painters known as the White Stag Group.

Her early pictures are mainly abstract, but in c.1939 she adopted a more representational style, painting landscapes, flower paintings and the occasional nude. She left Ireland and returned to London in late 1941 but died the following year. The cause of her death is unknown although conflicting reports at the time stated kidney failure and suicide.

Tea Time, a thickly painted 17 x 13in (43 x 34cm) oil on canvas-board from 1941 depicting a lady in a red hat perched at a small table, is a recent discovery and is priced at £8000 from Tim Williams Fine Art.