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ATG letter: Another UNESCO initiative, another series of bogus claims and statistics

04 December 2023

UNESCO is at it again, launching an initiative linked to antiquities with a series of bogus statistics to justify it.


ATG letter: Memories of big hitters of the auction world – Brooks, Came and Butler

30 August 2021

Re: the death of Robert Brooks, (News, front page this week).


INSURANCE: Steps buyers and sellers can take in a business fraught with risks

17 July 2017

The business of trading in art and antiques is fraught with risks. With the added complexity of Brexit looming, ATG outlines the insurance steps buyers and sellers can take...


INSURANCE: Get ready for Brexit realities

17 July 2017

The UK and European Union now face an uncertain future, with cross-border controls a key concern for exporters and importers as politicians debate memberships of the single market and customs union. What does this mean for the art market and its insurance needs?

Insurance on a budget: top tips for art market professionals

17 July 2017

“There are insurers in the market who purport to be specialists but who have little, if any, experience in settling difficult claims, such as those involving depreciation as a result of damage. Their premiums are very competitive, but brokers have no knowledge of how claims will be settled.

Owners withdraw loans to German museums in response to culture bill

25 July 2016

The Roemer and Pelizaeus Museum in Hildesheim has had to close a major exhibition after collectors withdrew their loans following the approval of Germany’s new Cultural Property Protection Act.

Antiques insurance

Insuring valuables in a changing world: the art and antiques market takes cover

20 July 2016

Increased risk around compliance, global trade and even terrorism suggests antiques firms need to insure a wider range of activities. But how can they do so without breaking the bank?

15-06-16-2196NE03A Leeds University project.jpg

University project launches with map of 2100 dealers

16 June 2015

Leeds University launch two resources for research and study into the British art and antiques market this week.

Tad Smith gives clues on Sotheby’s future

26 May 2015

Sotheby’s latest set of results give the first indication of how Tad Smith will direct the company.

Online market totals $2.64bn says survey

11 May 2015

Global online art sales grew by 68% in 2014 to total $2.64bn, say Hiscox, the international specialist insurer, in their third annual survey of the market.

‘UK ivory ban would destroy my business’

05 May 2015

A leading dealer in Japanese works of art says he will go out of business if sales of ivory in the UK are banned.

Tories pledge total ban on trade in ivory

27 April 2015

The Conservative Party Manifesto pledges to “press for a total ban on ivory sales” despite recent assurances from the Government that they would not damage the legitimate antiques trade.

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Dealers bring Scott’s ‘Golden Age’ clocks back to market

24 April 2015

What is billed as “the best collection of English clocks that has come to the market in living memory” will go on sale later this year at Winchester dealers Carter Marsh.

What the great role swap at the top means for Sotheby’s and Christie’s

24 March 2015

COMMENT: One is a marketing expert from outside the industry with a background in the media, luxury and entertainment sectors, the other is a career auction house professional with decades of service at the same company under his belt.

London/New York trade gap for pictures trebles in a year to £736m

16 March 2015

Stable year-on-year values across art and antique exports as a whole mask major changes in influence among the UK’s trading partners in 2014.

Sotheby's name Tad Smith as new president and CEO

16 March 2015

Sotheby’s have appointed Tad Smith, aged 49, as president and chief executive officer, effective March 31, 2015.

What the TEFAF Art Market 2015 Report tells us

11 March 2015

COMMENT: The TEFAF Report shows that the art market has fully recovered since the 2008 financial crash, but still faces a number of challenges, such as late or non-payment.

11-03-15 TEFAF report.jpg

TEFAF Report 2015: Global art market grows 7% in 2014

11 March 2015

Post-War and Contemporary art accounts for almost half of total spend at auction

Sotheby’s seek new growth in middle market

09 March 2015

Sotheby’s year-end results for 2014 signal a refocus of activity to encompass much more of the middle market than in recent years.

Clash of brands at the top fairs enrages dealers

03 March 2015

How do you prevent your own identity as a dealer being subsumed by that of the fair at which you are exhibiting?