Since ancient times, rulers and governments have produced coins to establish a standardised form of exchange for their citizens. With these items often embodying the history of their age, antique coins remains a highly collectable field.

Coins often appear in mixed auctions but there are also specialist auction houses operating in this field.


Coin offered at Spink reveals a new mighty Iron Age ruler

18 September 2023

The name of a new Iron Age ruler or king has been discovered on a coin dug up in a field in the Test Valley, Hampshire.


Token halfpennies carry messages about values

18 September 2023

In the 1790s a dire shortage of small copper change caused great difficulties in the small transactions of everyday life.


Exceptional tetradrachm toasts divine wine

18 September 2023

A collection of Greek coins formed over 20 years ago by a European connoisseur will be sold by Morton & Eden in London on September 26-27.


From civil war to George III via two single owner collections

18 September 2023

On October 3 Noonans will sell two single-owner collections.


Auction houses hold sales to coincide with prestigious Coinex event

18 September 2023

The Coinex extravaganza brings out the big guns of the UK numismatics trade alongside continental European dealers.


Travel with Huffer and to ancient lands

18 September 2023

Spink will conduct the Official Coinex Auction on September 28.

Coin Yearbook features special Anglo-Saxon spotlight

18 September 2023

The latest edition of the Coin Yearbook is published this month.

Brutus Eid Mar-type gold aureus

Roma Numismatics director Richard Beale admits coin charges

04 September 2023

Richard Beale, director of the London auction house Roma Numismatics, has pleaded guilty to a series of charges in connection with unlawful sales of ancient coins.

Edward VIII halfcrown

News in brief including a rare Edward VIII halfcrown coming to auction

14 August 2023

A round-up of art and antiques news from the previous seven days, including an Edward VIII halfcrown that was never issued being offered at Noonans.

Silver denarius

Brutus Eid Mar denarius sets record for any coin sold in Scandinavia

26 June 2023

A Brutus Eid Mar-type silver denarius, struck shortly after the murder of Julius Caesar, has become the most expensive numismatic object ever sold at auction in Scandinavia.

Panticapaeum gold stater

Miniature masterpiece gold stater retakes title of the most expensive classical coin

29 May 2023

A Panticapaeum gold stater, struck in present day Crimea c.350-300BC, has regained the rank of the world’s most expensive classical coin.


Heads you win a final proof coin set bearing Queen Victoria’s portrait

01 May 2023

The final proof coin set bearing Queen Victoria’s portrait was issued by the Royal Mint in two sets in 1893.

Anglo Saxon coins

Men found guilty of selling Anglo Saxon coins from Herefordshire Hoard

28 April 2023

In the latest of a series of court cases, two men have been found guilty of trying to sell rare Anglo-Saxon coins.


Roma owner arrested in coin false provenance probe

20 March 2023

Richard Beale, the owner and managing director of London coin auction house Roma Numismatics, has been arrested in New York in connection with the sale of a record-breaking classical coin.


Second-heaviest coin in classical numismatics sells at Berlin auction

20 March 2023

One would hardly call a 13in x 2ft 1in (34 x 63cm) copper block, weighing more than 32 pounds (14.6kg), a convenient method of payment, but in the mid-17th century such plates were indeed issued in Sweden under King Charles X Gustav.


Spink tops coins and medals table

13 February 2023

The record business enjoyed by London’s coin auction houses during Covid lockdowns largely continued last year.


Eagle flies in to London saleroom

13 February 2023

An unusual visitor to UK shores last year was this gold ‘Liberty head’ quarter eagle (two and a half dollars) from 1830.


Coin synonymous with the Age of Discovery

13 February 2023

Struck c.1500 in Lisbon from Guinean gold provided by the explorations of Vasco da Gama, the 10 cruzados piece or Portugués do ouro of Manuel I (1495-1521) is a coin synonymous with the Age of Discovery.


Henry III penny produced for just a year

13 February 2023

Henry III (1216-72) issued his ‘gold penny’ for probably less than a year from August 16, 1357.


Design of the Zodiac

13 February 2023

Harmers’ (20% buyer’s premium) third numismatic auction held on September 26 was topped by this Indian rarity, a Gold Mohur issued under the Mughal emperor Nur al-Din Muhammad Jahangir (1605-27).



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