A barometer is a scientific instrument used to measure changes in atmospheric pressure, these changes then used to predict the likely weather. Barometers are divided into two main categories; mercurial and aneroid.

Mercurial is the oldest in design and based on the work of Evangelista Torricelli (1608-47) who invented a barometer using a glass tube with its top end sealed and filled with mercury.

Aneroid barometers were invented by Lucien Vidie in 1842 and operated without mercury, making them more compact and portable. During the late 19th century miniature versions were made, suitable for carrying in a pocket.


‘Ferris wheel’ timepiece turns heads

24 July 2023

This ‘ferris wheel’ timepiece, thermometer and barometer compendium is a novel type that was first made in France in the last quarter of the 19th century.


From a first batch of barographs

15 July 2023

This is one of the very first batch of standard barographs produced by Richard Frères of Paris.


One-off pocket barometer altimeter was used for mining

10 July 2023

This brass cased mining aneroid pocket barometer altimeter, c.1885, was almost certainly a one-off order or commission.

André Romain Guilmet torpedo clock

Guilmet’s torpedo clock boat shoots away at auction

07 November 2022

André Romain Guilmet’s industrial themed clocks, the epitome of Victorian ‘progress’, are an ever-popular series.


Pressure point in the saleroom

05 September 2022

Barometers among collections of two renowned polymaths test the market temperature


Missing barometer brought back to life

08 March 2021

A Surrey clockmaker has made a replica of a celebrated English barometer that is now lost.


The web shop window: c.1930 Chadburns weather station

23 September 2019

Thousands of items are available to buy from dealers online. Here we pick out one that caught our eye this week.


Clock dealer prefers leisurely open weekends over fairs and the internet

02 July 2018

For Paul Nunn, founder of antique clocks and barometers dealership Olde Time, the virtues of fairs and the internet have always been secondary to that of the physical shop.

WEB canterbury barometer shackleton.jpg

Barometer and dinner plate from the heroic age of polar exploration up at auction

30 May 2018

When ‘collecting fields’ are talked about it can mean certain eras rather than just ceramics, glass or silver for example. The ‘heroic age of polar exploration’ is a classic example.


5 Questions: Mark Jarrold of Vavasseur

20 November 2017

Mark Jarrold of Vavasseur discusses the appeal of barometers, the need for new fairs and his love of strong coffee.

13-09-10-2107NE01A clock.jpg

Table clock ticks up to £15,500

10 September 2013

The latest horology sale held by Dreweatts in Donnington Priory was led by this early Victorian brass tripod table clock signed twice for Thomas Cole of London.

13-08-01-2101LS02A Viner clock.jpg

Dealers give strong showing for horology at summer fairs

01 August 2013

As single disciplines go, English clocks are among the London summer fairs’ strongest suits.


18th century barometers still command a premium

16 August 2012

While 19th century wheel, or banjo, barometers have not been the most sought after items at auction in recent times, 18th century stick barometers can still bring strong demand, as evidenced by the George III example pictured here.


A rare Derbyshire signpost to £19,000

29 April 2010

THIS previously unrecorded George II mahogany ‘sign post’ angle barometer was made by the gifted mechanician and scientist John Whitehurst (1713-1788) of Derby.

Fairfax barometer back on display

22 June 2009

THE important 17th century ivory barometer stolen from the Fairfax House Museum in York has been recovered and is back on display in the museum.


Turned out nice again

07 September 2007

THIS George II walnut syphon tube wheel barometer by John Hallifax of Barnsley, c.1730, was one of the 209 lots from the Edwin Banfield collection offered by Dreweatt Neate of Donnington Priory on September 4. In a white glove sale all the lots found buyers.

Barometers over 50 years old escape EU mercury ban

11 June 2007

But supplies for repairs could still prove a problem

North American barometer trade under pressure

22 August 2006

The North American trade in antique barometers is under threat from mercury management legislation now operating in a dozen states.

Barometers safe under EC ruling

12 April 2006

FEARS that the European Commission’s proposals to restrict the use of mercury could threaten the trade in antique barometers appear to have receded for the time being at least.

Barometers give business climate a boost at Grantham

27 July 2005

Two very good stick barometers, in the popular 1820s form with bowfront and ebony-inlaid mahogany cases, were among the highlights at Grantham.