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Collecting toys will undoubtedly evoke nostalgic memories of a long-gone childhood – from die-cast models (including Dinky Toys and Corgi), model railways, toy soldiers, dolls, teddies, games and general juvenilia, such as Meccano and LEGO, there is wealth of choice in this collecting area.


Find out what is on the cards in future sale

04 September 2023

This set of 36 cards is an early edition of what became known as 'Petit Etteilla' cartomancy (fortune-telling) cards.


Toys from short-lived British firm Sacul come to auction in Pittsburgh

04 September 2023

These boxed hollow-cast figures of Peter Pan and Captain Hook in a sword fight were made by Sacul in the early 1950s to coincide with the Walt Disney movie release.


Ready teddy go for keen collectors in Kensington

28 August 2023

Anyone who has been charmed by teddies all their adult life since maybe an early adoration of Winnie-the-Pooh could head to the long-running biannual Hugglets Teddies Festival.


Playing card games with a new Surrealist face

14 August 2023

From late 1940 to early 1941 André Breton and a group of other Surrealists including Wifredo Lam, Max Ernst, Oscar Dominguez, Victor Brauner, André Masson and Frédéric Delanglade re-located to Marseille where they anxiously awaited visas to escape occupied France.


Cheap cape but £21,000 for in demand Star Wars Jawa figure

14 August 2023

The Vinyl Cape Jawa was the first Star Wars action figure to assume mythic status among collectors.

Trabant military car

Museum of life in East Germany comes to auction

03 August 2023

The entire inventory of a museum devoted to life in East Germany will be auctioned by Historia Auctionata in Berlin on August 26.


Black Forest chess set bid three times over estimate

24 July 2023

Once thought to have been produced in the Black Forest region of Germany, chess sets like the one offered at Ewbank’s (30% buyer’s premium) on June 23, used to be called Luther sets.


Opera is a big deal in a playing cards selection

03 July 2023

Another tranche of items from the Dudley Ollis collection of playing cards was offered at a recent Dominic Winter auction.


You shouldn’t lose your marbles – they could be worth thousands

03 July 2023

Vendor finds glass marbles are worth more than expected as they make surprise four-figure sums in Bury St Edmunds


Three figure Matchbox auction buy without a an actual car

26 June 2023

Matchbox can sell well even when there isn’t an actual vehicle in sight.


Why details matter in Star Wars market

26 June 2023

Showing little sign of their huge popularity slowing down, Star War figures made a significant contribution to a two-day TV and film-related auction.


Fireball blasts off to four figures

26 June 2023

Merchandise relating to an early show from the Thunderbirds creator makes a surprise sum at Kent auction


Power of the toy sales force

26 June 2023

It is not just Star Wars figures or film posters bringing the big bucks.


Attraction of simple Hornby Dublo goods van is plain to see

26 June 2023

Not everything offered in the model railway market has to involve a glamorous name such as Flying Scotsman to make a good result.


Batmobile based on earlier model roars away to Singapore

26 June 2023

When the (Louis) Marx toy company produced a friction-drive model Batmobile in the 1960s the plastic car that resulted was really a model of the 1951 General Motors Le Sabre concept show car designed by Harley Earl.


Biscuit tins provide far more than crumbs of comfort

26 June 2023

Novelty biscuit tin toys delivered a number of tasty sale successes for South Yorkshire auction house BBR (15% buyer’s premium).


Pelham Puppet bid to a devilish sum

26 June 2023

Being a devil is profitable for a Pelham Puppet.


Raise your paddle for a Märklin toy boat purchase

26 June 2023

The first lot in Pook & Pook’s (25% buyer’s premium) May 4-5 sale was also the top result. And if you follow the toy boat market, it was also strangely familiar.


Sasha dolls in demand at separate UK auctions

26 June 2023

Sasha dolls are named after their Swiss designer, artist Sasha Morgenthaler and were made in the UK and Germany from the mid to late 1960s.


Japanese collection hits the spot in Ohio saleroom

26 June 2023

A stellar collection of rare Japanese robots and space toys featured in the Milestone (20% buyer’s premium) sale in Willoughby, Ohio.