Latest News Articles by Jonathan Franks

Qing charger

Qing Dynasty charger is one to rabbit on about

18 March 2024

An early 18th century, Qing Dynasty, Chinese blue and white painted porcelain charger caused the biggest surprise at the March 2 sale held by Kendzia (16% buyer’s premium) in Hamburg.

Carl Gustav Carus painting

Auction record set for Carl Gustav Carus after Faust find

18 March 2024

Rediscovered work inspired by Goethe emerges at auction in Germany


Micromosaic with rare motif emerges in Freiburg sale

18 March 2024

Driven by the demand from the numerous Grand Tourists who visited the Italian capital in the 19th century, Roman craftsmen revived and adapted the ancient technique of mosaics to produce works of art that would appeal to their international clientele.


Otto Piene smoke painting detected at Berlin sale

18 March 2024

In 1959, some two years after the German painter Otto Piene founded the ZERO group of artists together with his colleague Heinz Mack, he began producing his so-called 'Rauchbilder' (Smoke Paintings).


Benz fuels cigarette case appeal

18 March 2024

In 1926, after two years of negotiations, two German automobile producers joined forces to become Mercedes-Benz.


Preyer vendor hopes for a high flyer

18 March 2024

Early on in his career, which spanned most of the 19th century, Johann Wilhelm Preyer decided to paint only still-lifes. He studied at the academy in Düsseldorf and was one of the leading lights in what was to become the Düsseldorf School of painters.


Bamboo coat stand to hook a buyer

18 March 2024

In the latter half of the 19th century and the first decades of the 20th century, there were over 250 companies in Great Britain producing bamboo furniture.

Mohn and Heinrich glass

Initials spell out Mohn and Heinrich collaboration at German auction

18 March 2024

The vendor of an early 19th century glass offered as part of the February 21-24 sale at Wendl (21% buyer’s premium) in Rudolstadt will have been astonished by the result.


Gallé’s special bowl could sell for a special price

26 February 2024

In 1903, only one year before his death, Emile Gallé was commissioned by the Belgian company Solvay et Cie with the creation of a bowl to mark the 30th anniversary of its factory in Dombasle.


Stand-out silver to look out for in upcoming auctions

26 February 2024

A selection of previews from three British sales and another in Germany


On a wing and a prayer at a Swiss saleroom

26 February 2024

One of the earliest pieces in the auction of works of art at Koller in Zürich on March 21 is a copper and enamel figure of a dove.


Italian design takes centre stage in German auction

26 February 2024

Italian design is in the spotlight at Quittenbaum in Munich on March 19.


Fuseli fantasies on offer in Basel saleroom

26 February 2024

Paintings by the Anglo-Swiss artist Henry Fuseli, who was born in 1741 as Johann Heinrich Füssli, seldom make it to auction.


Artist Kuhnert’s natural approach included shooting his animal subjects

26 February 2024

Many late 19th and early 20th century art collectors were entranced by Wilhelm Kuhnert’s (1865-1926) realistic portrayals of exotic animals in the wild.


Tribal mask with mystery purpose

26 February 2024

Cologne auction house Lempertz (25% buyer’s premium) opened its auction year with a sale of African and Oceanic works of art in Brussels.


Desperate dash for a proof coin to seal royal approval before king's death

26 February 2024

Soon after the Italian coin engraver Benedetto Pistrucci moved to England in 1815, he received a prestigious task from William Wellesley-Pole, the Master of the Mint. He was commissioned with the creation of a series of new gold coins for George III.


Meissen vases produced by the workshop's top designer sell for nine times estimate

26 February 2024

Among the technically most complex pieces ever created in the porcelain manufacture in Meissen were the so-called 'Schneeballen-Vasen' (snowball vases).


Beautiful Quran bought for nearly £300,000 at Swiss auction

08 January 2024

The extensive auctions at Schuler (23/20/16% buyer’s premium) in Zürich always contain at least one truly spectacular result and the latest three-day sale was no exception.


Belgian sculptor Minne much in demand at German auctions

08 January 2024

The work of Belgian artist celebrated in his day is coveted by modern collectors judging by latest sales.


Figure that escaped destruction after use

08 January 2024

Malagan figures played an integral and complex role in the rituals of the tribes of New Ireland, the north-eastern province of Papua New Guinea.