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Dine on the LNER of 1928 featured a strange dining table on rails and in his To London by Sleeper poster of 1932, Alexeieff portrays a flying engine under a full moon that is reflected in the lake below – an image that in its mystery and muted colours evokes the mood and colouring of his animated films.

This condition A- copy of a rare and important poster sold for $46,000 (£31,080) as part of a May 6 sale of Modernist Posters at Swanns.

Lucien Bernhard’s 1908 poster design for Stiller shoes was revolutionary in its minimalist and stylised way – one object, one word – and it brought many commissions for Bernhard, who seemed to rather like drawing shoes! A condition B+ poster from Berlin, it sold at $9000 (£6080).