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Already a stalwart of a number of top international events, including Maastricht, Mr Finer brings a new dimension to our top fair and with this item he brings a new dimension to arms and armour collecting.

This is a very rare medieval Neapolitan sepulchral marble, sculpted in bas-relief with the knightly effigy of a member of the Ferretti family of Ancona, vassals of the Angevin Court, c.1357.

Pavises, maces, swords and firearms galore you will find on the stand of Peter Finer. But this is different, although it gives a welcome insight into the history of armour.
Illuminated manu-scripts, paintings and frescoes provide an essential record of the development of medieval armour but one can do no better than stand before this full size, 7ft 11/2in (2.17m) high overall, sculpted image of a knight to see exactly what the nobleman of the time was wearing.

An important piece of history in terms of the evolution of armour design, and a work of art in its own right, this marble costs £250,000.