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The accent is on the large and flamboyant coins and medals from the 16th century on, which have a sculptural or historical interest outside the purview of the ordinary coin collector. So diverse is the material offered that it is hard to make a choice which will appeal to a nebulous majority, but here goes…

You would have to travel an arduous journey to find a more robust portrait than that on the 1545 Kurfürstentum Elizabeth of Brandenburg. The arms on the reverse testify to her impeccable breeding. Clearly it is very rare indeed and an estimate of SFr40,000 was opined. Some brave soul took her home at a cost of SFr56,000 (£22,400).

Britain was best represented by the George IV 1825 silver pattern crown, the dies engraved by William Wyon. It is important to note that it has a plain, rather than inscribed, edge – this is significant. Described as a “lovely specimen with a very attractive patina”, it was estimated at SFr8000. There is a little precedent for this. It made SFr8750 (£3500).

The total for the 100-lot sale was SFr1,587,200 (£634,880) and only three lots failed to sell. We should anticipate next spring with excitement.

Sales in Switzerland
£1 = SFr2.5