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Above right: this ink and watercolour wash version of a drawing of Pooh sitting on a stone in mid-stream and singing, an illustration that appears in the chapter ‘Tiggers don’t climb trees’ in The House at Pooh Corner, 1928, was sold at £18,000. From the same source – and indeed the same chapter of the book – came an ink and green wash drawing of Piglet digging a hole with a shovel,“I’m planting a haycorn Pooh so that it can grow up into an oak tree”, which sold at £6500.

The pair of drawings relating to the chapter in Wind of the Willows in which Toad dresses up as a washerwoman to escape from prison, “You’re the very image of her”, above centre, sold at £6000, while “Look here I’ve left my purse behind”, above right, in which Toad runs into trouble whilst trying to catch a train, sold at £7500. The Wind in the Willows drawings are all signed with the artist’s initials, the House at Pooh Corner drawings are unsigned but inscribed to verso by Shepard.