At the exhibition Gods & Mortals II at the Royal-Athena Galleries this Etruscan bronze warrior from the mid-5th century BC, 9 1/2in (24cm) high, costs $185,000.

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Gods and Mortals II offers 85 ancient Greek, Etruscan, Roman and Egyptian bronzes from the 11th century BC to the third century AD and includes a number of important works from the collection of John W. Kluge, which was formed by Royal-Athena between 1977 and 1993.

The title of the show reprises the first Gods and Mortals exhibition which was held at these galleries in 1989.

Also on display is Ancient Arms, Armor, and Images of Warfare which features more than 50 ancient helmets, swords, daggers, spears and armour from the 16th century BC to the third century AD, augmented by some 50 Classical marbles, vases and terracottas depicting warriors, male and female, and scenes of combat.

Dr Jerome Eisenberg, who founded Royal-Athena 50 years ago and still runs the business, says this is the first exhibition of its kind and it includes 18 helmets from the collection of Axel Guttmann of Berlin, which is recognised as the finest private collection of ancient helmets ever formed.

After the gallery showing, a selection of some of the best pieces from both exhibitions will go on the road with Dr Eisenberg who will feature them in November on his stands at the Basel Ancient Art Fair and The Connoisseurs Antiques Fair in Manhattan. Then next February they will be at Florida's Palm Beach! fair, at Maastricht in March and at the Brussels Ancient Art Fair in June.