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Many of the figures were produced during the inter-war years by Charles (1882-1971), Nell (1892-1967) and a small staff at Vyse’s Cheyne Walk studio at No. 14A. The most popular pieces depict characters in and around the streets of London. The Vyses’ son, Dr JA Vyse, once said in an interview that his father, in his search for suitable subjects would wander the streets of Chelsea, visit fairgrounds and circuses, armed with a sketch book, a 7b or 8b pencil and a “smudging” rubber.

As the street seller subject matter was popular with studio artists and the large commercial potteries, Vyse’s preliminary drawings would be tossed into the scrap bin and burned to ensure his designs were not copied.

This excellent little book has now been updated from an earlier edition and illustrates the figures and techniques in Vyse’s thrown pottery and his various glazes.