Artist Stanley Lewis is trying to locate this picture, The Crosyceilliog Blacksmiths that he painted in 1940.

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It was painted in 1940 and exhibited at the Royal Academy in the same year.

Mr Lewis had wanted to keep it, but was persuaded to sell it to the firm Senior Engineering in Watford in 1962 to hang in their boardroom.The company sold the painting in 1972 and all trace of it has since been lost.

The artist is now writing a new book on his work in which he wants to include the painting.

At the moment, the only visual record he has been able to find is the image reproduced here.

If anyone can help locate the painting or provide a colour photograph, Mr Lewis would be very grateful.

Please contact Mr Lewis's daughter, Mrs Jennifer Heywood, through Sarah Flynn of Cheffins on 01223 271937.