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Mr Cato had been filming for a documentary on the fair just before vetting and has admitted that he failed to inform fellow vetters that he had a live microphone concealed on his person.

He emphasised the microphone was left on by accident and BADA accept there was nothing malicious in his intentions.

Lennox Cato has apologised to fellow vetters and all concerned. He has also stepped down from future vetting at major fairs and from the committee of the BADA fair in March.

Elaine Dean, the outgoing secretary general of BADA who handed over to Mark Dodgson at the meeting, told ATG: “The Council thinks that is adequate.”

Freya Simms, director of the Olympia fair, said she has editorial control of what will be shown in the film and explained that everybody, including BADA and LAPADA, had been informed filming would take place.

Indeed, the film was reported prior to the fair in ATG issue 1842, dated May 31.

Miss Simms insists no footage can be used without the signed agreement of the filmed exhibitor and “nothing was behind closed doors. If anyone was uncomfortable the filming was stopped.”

Clarion Arts, owners and organisers of the Olympia fair, said they have no issue with Mr Cato who is a long-time exhibitor at their events.

The filming was for the pilot of a projected series called The Exhibition and it focused upon four Olympia exhibitors, Lennox Cato being one of them.

By David Moss