The Bull of Minos panel by Whitefriars that sold for £5000 hammer in Eastbourne.

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The Bull of Minos panel, which is 6ft tall and 8ft wide (1.83 x 2.44m), took over four months to complete and used a revolutionary technique for its time.

The large panels are made up from 30-plus smaller glass panels (one now missing) made from several colours of glass fused with a chemical known only to the factory at that time. The smaller panels were then glued onto the front and back of 3in (7.5cm) clear glass panels to create the three dimensional effect.

The plans for the panel and records for this commission are now kept at the V&A and The Museum of London.

In 1966 an Eastbourne Greek restaurant paid £1500 to purchase it, although it has languished languishing in a basement since the late 1970s when the restaurant closed.

At Eastbourne Auction Rooms on September 5 it sold for £5000 plus 15% buyer's premium.