The Arts and Crafts dining table and two from a set of six chairs which sold for £31,000 at Duggleby’s.

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The table and six chairs came from a rented estate cottage in North Yorkshire - the total value of the remaining contents were just £550.

With its butterfly joints and chamfered hayrake and wishbone stretcher, the dining table, measuring 9ft 9in (2.97m) when extended, is a well-known early 20th century design by Ernest Gimson (1864-1919).

However, the chairs, including two carvers, are a relatively late design by arguably the greatest of the British Arts and Crafts architect-designers, Charles Francis Annesley Voysey (1857-1941). Voysey designed the so-called Chalford chair in 1921 (originally for his client C.E. Wellstead) - the design made in Peter Waal's workshop in Chalford, Gloucestershire.

The buyer in the room, who saw off competition from two telephones at the sale on November 10, was a Northern dealer.