Artworks owned by US fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger will be offered at auction at Phillips in New York on November 16. This Jean-Michel Basquiat work, called Untitled (Devil’s head) and photographed in Tommy Hilfiger’s New York apartment, is one of the lots being offered. Image courtesy of © Trent McGinn/Trent Archive

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Artworks by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Damien Hirst and Andy Warhol are among the lots being offered on November 16.

Hilfiger has been a collector of contemporary art since he first started his career in fashion. He said: “Collecting pop and contemporary art has been one of my true passions in life. After meeting Andy Warhol in the ‘80s, I became inspired by the works created in the pop art era- from Warhol himself and also by visionaries including Basquiat, Dubuffet and Haring.”

The five paintings are:

  • Keith Haring (1958-1990) Snake and Man; Dogs and Men, 1983 which carries an estimate of $700,000-£1m;
  • a set of ten of Andy Warhol’s (1928-1987) Cowboys and Indians, 1986, with an estimate of $250,000 - 350,000;
  • The 2006 Damien Hirst, called Disintegration - The Crown of Life, has an estimate: $1m-1.5m;
  • Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) 1987 work Untitled (Devil's head) which carries an estimate of $3m-$5m and
  • Jean Dubuffet’s Le Gommeux, 1972, which has hung in Hilfiger’s Miami home, has an estimate of $700,000-$1m.

Hilfiger began his career in fashion in 1969 when he opened his first shop, People’s Place. He then moved to Manhattan and in 1985 launched his own fashion brand under his name.

Phillips’ worldwide co-head of 20th Century & Contemporary Art, Jean-Paul Engelen, said:  “These works are truly a testament to his discerning eye, each of the highest quality and artistic importance. They have inspired him on his creative journey just as he has inspired pop culture over the past three decades.”