The last Morris model G taxi
The last of the 840 Morris model G taxis produced will come up for auction this month. It was once packed with explosives.

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It is estimated at £25,000-26,000 despite having been crashed in the 1940s and later loaded with explosives.

The current owner is consigning it having bought it for what he terms “the price of a barren cow” (the actual price was not disclosed) from a farmer in 1965.

When the current owner bought it was in poor condition. It had previously been stolen by two soldiers celebrating VE Day, who crashed it into a wooden army hut.

Later the farmer had used it as an improvised tractor. In order to increase the taxi’s weight he had filled it with what he thought of with scrap metal.

However when the current owner recalls that when he examined the car after purchasing it he found it contained live ammunition including two mortar shells, an anti-tank rocket and part of a landmine.

The owner contacted a bomb disposal unit to disarm the car.

It is now the last remaining of the 840 model G taxis produced.

It will be one of more than 80 cars, 20 motorcycles and 1500 lots of automobilia that will be auctioned at Richard Edmonds’ sale running from June 16-18.