Mel Draisey
Musician Mel Draisey is hoping to find her violin that was stolen in London. Photo courtesy of XFM/The Feeling.

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Professional violinist Mel Draisey, who said the 200-year-old German violin and her other equipment is worth more than £10,000, is hoping that publicising the robbery will lead to the perpetrators being caught when they try to sell the items.

The robbery, from a van parked near Mare Street in Hackney, east London happened last week.

Sentimental Value

She said: “I have had the violin since I was a teenager and it has huge sentimental value.”

Her plea on Facebook has been shared by fellow musicians including band Primal Scream.

In July musician Krysia Osostowicz was reunited with her stolen 18th-century Francesco Goffriller violin after a woman tried to pawn the treasured instrument at a branch of Cash Converters in south London for £50. Osostowicz, whose violin was valued at around £200,000, had contacted auction houses, second hand shops and pawn brokers to track it down after it was stolen.