London dealers Finch and Co stand at BRAFA
A view of London dealers Finch & Co’s stand from last year’s BRAFA showing their trademark ‘cabinet of curiosities’ layout. Image BRAFA 2016 Copyright: Emmannuel Crooy.

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It runs until January 29 at the Tour and Taxis centre, a spacious renovated former industrial depot that has been home to the fair since 2004.

Belgian and French dealers are the most heavily represented but there are exhibitors from other countries including nine UK galleries, one of which is Finch & Co. The London dealers are BRAFA stalwarts who are showing for the 10th year in succession.

“It just gets better and better,” said Jan Finch when ATG asked what makes it such an attractive event for them.  “Last year over 60,000 visitors attended so we can see a lot of potential clients. The fair looks fabulous and the ambience is very good. We have found that the concept of the cabinet of curiosities is well received and understood in Belgium so our stand is found to be interesting and we can sell”.

Visitors to the fair will find a wide range of works on offer including plenty of traditional European antiques, as well as antiquities, Asian and tribal art and paintings.

Finch and Co figures at BRAFA

Among the pieces that Finch & Co are taking to this year’s BRAFA is this pair of English 17th century lead animal figures, each 22in (56cm) wide and offered with a five-figure price tag. The wide-eyed, open- mouthed and fanged creatures were probably part of a heraldic device.