The wood engraving titled ‘Shone-Ap-Morgan, Shentleman of Wales’ that sold for £1200 at Dominic Winter.

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Now framed and glazed, it is browned, torn with some small losses and laid down on linen, but the auctioneers could trace no other institutional copy and only one other similar, though not identical example offered at auction, back in 1989.

Shone-Ap-Morgan (a generic nickname for any Welshman) is seen on his way to London, where he hopes to secure legal possession of his late father’s estate, and much of the accompanying text comprises a humorous funeral sermon on the death of that parent, supposedly delivered by the Parson of Clangothan.

That text begins by warning of the sins of Adam and Eve: “Our Creat Cranmother Eve, Pox and Cot take her for a plaguy Paggage must go a rampling and changling from Home, and coot not stay at Home with her own Husband, but must go and rop an Orchard”.

The writer then goes on to berate Cain and Abel, blaming their “Sin of Roppery and Murder” for bringing “thos Parcel of plaguy Lawyers, Attornies and Pom-Pailiffs, to rop the Peeple, and keep their Estates and Money all themselves”.

The “Sin of Drunkennes” is explored next, and the listener, or reader, is warned that on the “terrible Day of Shudgment”, when the “poor unworthy Parson of Clangothan” is asked to give an account of his flock, “I will tell him flat and plain, you are all turn’d Goats”.

The buyer’s premium at the Dominic Winter sale on June 19-20 was 19.5%.