For more details on Martin Brothers pottery and the market, see ATG’s collecting guide.

1. Bird Jar: £20,000-30,000

Martin Brothers 22317weba 10-11-17.jpg

An anthropomorphic stoneware bird jar and cover by Robert Wallace Martin is the leading Martin Brothers offering at Tennants of Leyburn, North Yorkshire later this month. Modelled as a sergeant-major standing erectly with a puffed out chest, webbed feet and wings folded neatly behind, the 27cm high jar is one of the distinctive and highly coveted Martinware avian jars modelled after characters from Victorian London.

Estimate: £20,000-30,000

Auction: Tennants, Leyburn, November 18

Lot number: 583

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2. Aquatic Vase: £2500-3500

Martin Brothers 22317webb 10-11-17.jpg

A Martin Brothers ‘aquatic’ vase from 1893 is another lot at the upcoming Tennants sale. In swollen form with a fluted rim, the (23cm) high vase is incised with anthropomorphic fish, eels and jelly fish in brown on a buff ground.

Estimate: £2500-3500

Auction: Tennants, Leyburn, November 18

Lot number: 584

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3. Fishing Jug: £400-600

Martin Brothers 22317webc 10-11-17.jpg

A Martin Brothers stoneware jug decorated with male figures fishing against a pale brown ground appears at Halls Fine Art later this month. The 26cm high jug has blue and green decoration, but has a restored top rim which was originally a spout. It is inscribed ‘E20, RWS Martin, London, 12.74’

Estimate: £400-600

Auction: Halls, Shrewsbury, November 22-23

Lot number: 272

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4. Miniature Cone Vase: £200-300

Martin Brothers 22317webd 10-11-17.jpg

A Martin Brothers miniature ‘gourd’ is offered at Winchester auction house Bellmans sale this month. The 7cm high vase from 1904 is in cone-form and is covered with raised dimples with green centres. In the workshop, while Robert Wallace created the bird jars, his brother Walter was responsible for most of the gourds.

Estimate: £200-300

Auction: Bellmans, Winchester, November 14-15

Lot number: 1188

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5. Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Mug: £300-500

Martin Brothers 22317webe 10-11-17.jpg

A Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee stoneware mug, commissioned from Martin Brothers by the ethnologist and archaeologist Augustus Henry Lane-Fox Pitt Rivers, is another piece of Martinware offered at Yorkshire saleroom Tennants this month. As well as featuring the date 1897, a coat of arms and Pitt Rivers’ fox and crown crest, it is inscribed Equam servare mentem (Latin for ‘To preserve an equal mind’). It measures 13cm high.

Estimate: £300-500

Auction: Tennants, Leyburn, November 18

Lot number: 585

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