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Offered in that same Lichfield sale is just such a thing, estimated at £150-250.

This boxed Berwick Toys Dalek Playsuit, dating from c.1965, is made up of a vinyl suit with shoulder straps for the body and a plastic dome to wear on your head and weapons to hold through holes in the body. It also comes with its original box.

The playsuit is a piece of spin-off merchandise from the cult television show during the tenure of the first Doctor Who, William Hartnell, who played the role from 1963-66.

The year 1965 also saw the release of the Peter Cushing film Dr Who and the Daleks, which was not intended to be part of the TV series, although it was the first Doctor Who story to be made in colour.

If you do prefer the 5ft 3in (1.6m) tall Dalek itself, in fibreglass and plastic on a wheeled metal frame, with lights and moveable weapons, it is valued at about £250.

Clockwork Dalek

Not enough space for the full-size version? In January this year East Bristol Auctions sold a rare Product Enterprise made Doctor Who Clockwork Dalek action figure. It was catalogued as ‘appears mint, likely unused, within the original box. Complete with key’. It sold for £60.

That lot was among numerous Doctor Who merchandise featured in that sale, including radio-controlled Dalek toys. A personal favourite was ‘incredibly rare’ vintage 1960s British-Made (Codeg Production) Dr Who - Dodge The Daleks board game, which sold just under top estimate at £380.

Also released in 1965, this example remained complete with the four playing pieces, cup etc, within the original box. East Bristol said it is ‘often touted as the rarest Doctor Who board game’.

Follow the Who script

Sticking with Doctor Who, ATG previewed an intriguing lot for Whovians being offered at Dudley saleroom Aston’s Auctioneers on May 3.

Estimated at £5000-8000 was the original script for the first-ever Doctor Who episode which was used and owned by Hartnell.

The script – for Doctor Who and the Tribe of Gum, by Anthony Coburn – sold for a mid-estimate hammer price of £6200.

Meanwhile, in its March 2 auction in Cardiff, Rogers Jones was selling rarer scripts from a series that was never shown at the time, the 1979 Shada series from the Tom Baker era. It was written by Douglas Adams of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fame.

Offered in one lot estimated at £200-400, the Shada scripts made £1300.