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“Another record-breaking year of treasure finds is wonderful news for our knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past.”

Hartwig Fischer, director of the British Museum, on the trend for metal-detecting which has led to two years of ‘treasure’ discovery records.

“John Mollo’s personal sketchbook provides a unique insight into the creation of the Star Wars universe. We are delighted that his historic work has been celebrated with bidders from around the globe eager to own this piece of cinematic history.”

Katherine Schofield, Bonhams’ head of entertainment memorabilia, on the £100,000 sale of a personal sketchbook by John Mollo, the concept artist behind the Star Wars franchise.

“We all need to be very aware that a lot of research is being done into the unintended consequences of the future ban in particular the effect on other species such as walrus and hippo; two easily obtained sources for elephant ivory replacements.”

“Portrait miniatures are a cause I felt it was essential to take up. I remain sad about small pieces of ivory, most particularly netsuke, but after discussions with Anthony Browne [BAMF chairman] it became clear we had to choose the fight that was most relevant to us as an art business.”

In the first quote James Lewis, founder and director of Bamfords Auctioneers, speaks as the UK government’s ivory bill passes its final stage in Parliament on the way to becoming law. In the next, dealer Philip Mould, a specialist in portrait miniatures, reflects on a victory close to home.

“He was the ultimate influencer.”

Connie Gray of Gray MCA on legendary fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez, which the gallery now represents.