New council member Ashley Gray, Gray MCA (left) with outgoing BADA chief executive Marco Forgione pictured at the BADA 2019 fair. Image credit: AC Cooper/BADA

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The new councillors were unveiled at the association’s AGM on Tuesday, December 3, following a month-long ballot open to BADA members.

A total of four positions on the 17-seat council were up for election, with Anthony Outred and Robert Young re-elected in the ballot.

Robbie Timms also joins council as BADA's Eastern Regional Representative.

Election 'manifesto'

Ahead of the vote, Gray sent a ‘manifesto’ to the association’s 300-plus members, outlining his proposals for the association’s future.

“This hasn’t been done before – an election address explaining why I was seeking election,” Gray told ATG. “I argued that BADA needs to support all the disciplines, from brown furniture to jewellery, and to bring in new members who are strong in the modern period. I'm delighted it was so well received.

“The truth is that time passes by and now the arts and crafts period is antique, and before we know it, mid-century will be too. There’s a real focus on this wider 20th century genre of antiques by buyers and sellers and we need to find a way to appeal to them. We shouldn't be afraid of drawing in these younger disciplines.”

The election comes as BADA’s chief executive of the past four years, Marco Forgione, prepares to leave to become director general of The Institute of Export and International Trade.

Praise for outgoing CEO

Forgione received a toast at the AGM, with chairman Michael Cohen thanking him for his work in modernising the association and raising its profile over the past four years.

BADA’s interim president, Ian Walker, praised Forgione for dealing with the transition of the association, including the buying and selling of BADA’s properties and for managing the moves' logistics.

Walker said Forgione “was leaving the association in a much stronger position than the one in which he found it when he joined us”.

BADA’s council members are now as follows:

Ian Walker – Interim President
Michael Cohen – Chairman
Robert Young – Vice-Chairman
Treasurer – Anthony Outred

Laura Bordignon
Christopher Buck
Lennox Cato
Ashley Gallant
Alastair Gibson
Mark Goodger
Ashley Gray
Kaye Michie
Archie Parker
Louise Phillips
Simon Powell
Robbie Timms
Howard Walwyn