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The Conservative Party manifesto 2019.

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The Conservative Party

On Brexit and trade:

Plans to have Brexit done in January.

Aims to have 80% of UK trade covered by free trade agreements within the next three years, starting with the US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. These will be negotiated in parallel with its EU deal.

Create up to 10 freeports around the UK.

Promote British business and UK exports and dismantle barriers to trade and retake a seat at the World Trade Organisation.

On small business:

A pledge to expand start-up loans from The British Business Bank which has supported 90,000 smaller businesses with over £7bn in investment or loans.

To help SMEs to become exporters to take advantage of opportunities following Brexit.

Achieve the right regulatory balance between supporting business practice and protecting workers, consumers and the environment. Through its Red Tape Challenge, it promises to ensure that regulation is sensible and proportionate.

On culture:

A £250m cultural capital programme to support local libraries and museums.

Free entry to the UK’s national museums.

Support for arts in schools.

On wildlife and exports:

The Conservative government introduced the Ivory Act 2018 which is a near-total ban on the trade of ivory objects. It is currently being challenged in the High Court.

It promises to bring the ivory ban into force and extend it to cover other ivory-bearing species, and ban imports from trophy hunting of endangered animals.

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