Brian May and Denis Pellerin
Queen guitarist Brian May has written a book with art historian Denis Pellerin called 'Stereoscopy: the Dawn of 3-D'.

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In King’s College Chapel, a small group of reporters gathered to listen to May and Pellerin’s introduction of their new book on November 10. The event was also broadcast live, courtesy of the British Library, to Stereoscopy enthusiasts all over the country.

The new title book is a collaborative effort – written by Pellerin and using May’s private collection of stereoscopic photographs.

The book introduces the reader to the core of stereoscopy and its origins and argues the true father of stereoscopy was King’s College London Prof Charles Wheatstone, rather than the inventor David Brewster.

May introduces the topic by sharing a personal anecdote of how he used to stare at his wallpaper as a child and how he forced his eye into “free-viewing” sparking his lifelong interest in the subject. Throughout May’s career he has collaborated with Pellerin on several titles through his The London Stereoscopic Company including Crinoline (2016), Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell (2013) and The Poor Man’s Picture Gallery (2014).

For anyone interested in Virtual Reality, IMAX and 3-D imaging, this book will introduce you to the history behind all these new technologies.

The book also includes an Owl VR Kit (a foldable viewer) to help readers see the printed images in 3D inside the pages.