A coloured pencil drawing by LS Lowry.

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She had bought them in the early 2000s as part of a group of artworks from a sale of the estate of former Liverpool School of Art teacher Mary Morgan Lloyd, who was a friend of the artist.

Recently she discovered the drawings behind another print of a Lowry work that was part of the collection she had bought and decided to sell them.

Unlike his famed drawings of stick-like figures, these drawings, dated 1961, are of a different style.

Lowry drawing

Two of the landscape drawings by Lowry.

The collection consists of four pencil drawings on three sheets of paper: a coloured drawing of a woman visiting a cottage; two pencil landscapes on a single sheet; and a pencil drawing of a couple watching a travelling man.


A drawing depicting a couple and a travelling man by LS Lowry.

The drawings will be offered at Unique Auctions’ Antiques, Art, Train and Collectors Auction on October 23 with estimates of £20,000 each.

Lowry signature

Lowry's signature on one of the pictures.