Fiona Bruce and Philip Mould

Fake or Fortune? presenters Fiona Bruce and Philip Mould. Image: BBC Studios Anna Gordon.

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Following the recently broadcast 11th series, the show is now beginning research for its 12th series for next year.

Fake or fortune?, which features art dealer Philip Mould and broadcaster Fiona Bruce, investigates whether artworks submitted by members of the public are actually genuine.

Once a project is accepted the pair track down the provenance of works of art with the aim of proving their authenticity.

This time the next series will also feature memorabilia.

Robert Murphy, series editor, said: “The team are interested in branching out into other areas of collecting as they go in search of more undiscovered treasures.

“We’re particularly interested in music and movie memorabilia, for example, as some exciting discoveries have been made in recent years of long-lost movie props or rare musical instruments linked to legends of rock and pop music.

“Anything from a rare violin to a guitar played by John Lennon or Jimi Hendrix can command a huge price at auction, while costumes and props that have featured in much-loved movie franchises such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones or James Bond are highly prized.

“In many cases, it can take the same kind of investigative research and scientific analysis to prove the authenticity of these sorts of items as the team have employed on works of art. Equally, there is always the risk of forgeries in these areas of collecting, so the stakes are high.”

'Broaden the challenge'

Philip Mould added: “There is no reason why we cannot apply the same rigour to an object as we do to a painting or sculpture. Aspects such as provenance, and physical analysis, often remain as significant to proving the authenticity of an emotive piece of memorabilia as they do to an artwork. 

“Should the right artefact with a mystery emerge, I’m rather looking forward to the challenge, as is Fiona. Given we will have nearly reached our fiftieth programmes after the next series, it also feels like a good time to broaden the challenge.”

If you think you have an undiscovered treasure that you’d like the Fake or Fortune? team to explore please send an email, with photographs of the item, to