Camden Passage

One of the market areas in Camden Passage in Islington.

Image: Camden Passage Antiques Markets.

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The cobbled pedestrian thoroughfare parallel to Upper Street in Islington has been an antiques hub since 1950.

However, works being undertaken to facilitate timed road restrictions on Charlton Place have caused disruption.


The roadworks on Charlton Place, adjacent to Camden Passage in Islington.

Image: Geoffrey Clarke.

Around 50 dealers, across shops and stalls in Pierrepont Row, Charlton Place and Camden Walk – all part of the Camden Passage area – have been affected.

Roadworks began on February 16 and are expected to last 4-5 weeks. The restrictions will stop traffic accessing Charlton Place between 8-9am and 3-3.45pm daily.

Camden Passage road sign

Camden Passage road sign.

Image: Camden Passage Antiques Markets.

Camden Passage Antiques Markets manager Thomas Clarke said: “Many dealers couldn’t stall out at all on Wednesday and now have to navigate the roadworks when they are loading and unloading each day.

“We believe the planned traffic restrictions are a totally unnecessary expense by the council. It is nonsensical as they are restricting a road that is the only access road for an entirely pedestrian area of Camden Passage where traders and visitors pick up and drop off.”

Clarke said although the council did hold a consultation he believes the majority of the respondents did not support the changes. He has voiced concerns to the local Business Improvement District (BID) group, Angel BID, and is awaiting feedback from the council.

“This has been a great upheaval and will damage trade. It really is the last thing we need. Things have been tough for us anyway so this is hugely damaging,” Clarke added.

Camden Passage

A view of one of the market areas of Camden Passage in Islington.

Image: Camden Passage Antiques Markets.

The antiques market around Camden Passage was formed by John Payton in 1950. His daughter Karen Murdoch remains owner of the market and is involved in the running of it.

Antiques Trade Gazette is awaiting comment from Islington Council.