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Mark Dodgson of BADA addresses members on upcoming EU Import Regulation changes. 

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With changes to European Union import regulations coming next summer, the British Antiques Dealers Association (BADA) recently held a seminar to keep members up to date on the implications these changes will have.

The new rules, although not being introduced in the UK, will still affect dealers trading in the EU.

Designed to stop the movement within the EU of cultural goods illicitly exported from their country of origin, the new rules increase the administrative requirements on the art and antiques trade, as well as those specialising in antiquities which the bill specifically targets.

The seminar was led by BADA secretary general Mark Dodgson and art market lawyer Pierre Valentin, who provided a comprehensive summary of the rules and answered questions on the topic.

Dodgson said: “Although efforts are underway to see if there is flexibility in how these rules are interpreted, there is probably a limited amount that can be done about this appalling piece of misguided legislation. We wanted to make sure that our BADA members (and members of the wider trade) had an opportunity to properly understand the implications it will have for them when it comes into full effect in June 2025."

BADA and other trade bodies (including CINOA, SNA, LAPADA, IADAA and ADA) have been campaigning to mitigate the effects of the regulations due to come into place on June 28, 2025.