Alexander Loveday of Loveday Antiques.

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1. How did you get your start?

It is a family business so I have been in the trade since birth.

I always remember as a young lad driving my remote-controlled car into my father’s furniture and wondering why he used to get so upset. Now I do the same with my son…

2. How has the market changed since you’ve been dealing?

Massively. When I starting dealing we used to sell mainly to the European and American trade from our London shops. Clients regularly took 10-15 items of furniture per visit.

I was constantly in the van, running from shop to shop, making sure they were full of stock.

Nowadays we are just outside London and also do business via the internet. We still have overseas trade visit us but a lot more private clients now look for the eye-catching piece.

Much of my time is spent searching for those winning lots and obviously on the computer!

3. What is most popular among buyers at the moment?

My clients, including interior designers, are looking for quality and uniqueness which can be of any form.

4. One rule you live by as a dealer?

It is very hard to be a good dealer with one rule… The most important rule is stick to quality and don’t buy just on price. It is normally cheap for a reason.

Also, after running two shops in London, it’s got to be customer service. I am fortunate enough to have had some clients who have become very good friends.

5. Real ale or espresso martini?

I like the finer things in life so definitely an espresso martini… after various aperitifs and a couple of bottles of wine.

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