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Enough already! Why is it that every time a new charge comes in to play, salerooms announce they’re passing it on? The trade, in all fields of collecting, is struggling to make a profit and achieving sales is tough. We are discounting like 1970s market traders and making every concession that our buyers demand.

The salerooms, on the other hand, have increased their charges. When I started out in 1984, seller’s premium was 6% for the trade and 10% for private buyers. Salerooms now charge anything from 15% (trade) with 25%+ for private buyers.

Salerooms reap well over 50% of the hammer together with lot charges, photographic fees, insurance and so on. I certainly do not begrudge anyone making a profit, but let’s be fair and reasonable.

When my merchant services provider announced it was going to increase card handling fees and the monthly standing charge, I searched the internet for better deals. I now pay way under half of what I used to pay, with no other fees whatsoever.

So, my advice to all salerooms is this: don’t assume you can merely pass on charges your business incurs with a wave of your hand, as in my business I cannot do the same.

In the meantime, I salute ATG and its letters page for giving us all an equal platform to make our views known to the trade. I urge all dealers to put quills to paper and express your own views.

Let’s together make our wonderful profession even better through the pages of this insightful and unique organ.

Jamie Dillon

Visage Gallery