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The composer signed and dated it '21 Mars 1888 /Londres', on which very day he conducted a performance of the work at St James’s Hall in London.

In the same sale, a doubly signed example of a photograph taken outside the White House on December 6, 1960, showed Dwight D Eisenhower and John F Kennedy, the man who just a month earlier had defeated Richard Nixon in the American elections and within weeks would be sworn in as Ike’s successor as president. It sold at $26,000 (£20,155).

JFK diary


Diary that Kennedy kept in 1945 which made a premium-inclusive $718,750 (£561,515) at RR Auctions.

Meanwhile, a diary that Kennedy kept in 1945, during his brief stint as a journalist, was sold for an all-inclusive $718,750 (£561,515) by RR Auctions in an online sale that ended on April 26.

It was consigned by Deirdre Henderson, who began working for the soon-to-be president as a research assistant in 1969, and was acquired by Joseph Alsop, a collector of Kennedy material from Beverly, Massachusetts.

In a black leather binder, it runs to 61 loose-leaf pages overall, a dozen of which are autograph but are in most instances typed.

The 28-year-old JFK, said the saleroom, reveals surprising views on liberalism versus conservatism, and witnesses and harshly criticises the formation of the United Nations.

Throughout the diary, say the auctioneers, JFK “chronicles his own chilling premonitions of power-hungry Russia and the conflict that would be synonymous with his presidency: the Cold War”.