Matt Dixon of TallBoy Unique Interiors.

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1. How did you get your start?

On my 18th birthday I was given £1000 from my mum and dad to spend as I wanted. Instead of buying a car I decided to invest the money in antique pieces and thus the addiction was born.

My first memorable sale was a rather well-worn Turkish kilim rug which I purchased at a local car boot for £30. It was bought out of my hand as I walked back to my stall by a gentleman who I later found out had a chain of rug shops across London! It started a regular trading relationship which still exists.

2. How has the market changed in the past four years?

Vastly, both in terms of trends and selling opportunities that have developed through the growth of social media.

3. How do you use social media?

For my business it’s key. Without Instagram, I would not have interacted with many of the clients I have today. During the past two years I have worked hard to build my reputation there (@tallboyinteriors) and now have more than 3000 followers. It offers a view of other styles and trends globally, which opens your mind to new ideas.

4. What’s your ‘holy grail’ – something you would love to get your hands on?

How long have you got? I have always had a fascination with items that no longer serve a purpose but once did. These items tell a story of another time – for example, a full-size articulated artist’s lay figure.

Those are beautifully crafted, served a simple purpose and are almost like a piece of art in themselves.

I have seen a few come up for sale in the past but I never seem to have a spare £15k lying about.

5. Real ale or espresso martini?

I’m from Yorkshire and my dad spent over 30 years in the brewing industry. It’s always real ale.

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