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Stand number: 276

The Hours of Isabeau de Croix made c.1435-50 is written in Latin and French and includes 69 large miniatures by three of the finest artists working in Paris in the second quarter of the 15th century, known as the Master of the Harvard Hannibal (fl. c.1415-30), the Master of the Munich Golden Legend (fl. c.1420-60) and the Dunois Master (fl. c.1435-50).

A later frontispiece, perhaps inserted when the book was rebound in the late 19th century, suggests it belonged to Isabeau de Croix, daughter of Jean, seigneur de Croix, and wife of Baudouin de Hennin-Lietard. The manuscript was previously owned by a religious house in Boston and is almost entirely unpublished. It is for sale at a seven-figure price.