Vic Reeves pictured selling his work at the 'Vauxhall Art Car Boot' this year.

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The event returns on Saturday, September 2, to the Harbour Arm, the same promenade spot in the town where the boot was sited three years ago at the last triennial.

VACB founder Karen Ashton said: “Since we were here last the town’s Harbour Arm has been restored and reopened, making it a vibrant place to be, especially at weekends, and particularly as the boot is on the first day of the triennial which attracts art lovers from the far and wide. “There will be incredible art to view all over town and, courtesy of the boot fair, some you can actually afford to buy and take home with you.”

The line-up of artists selling this year features Sir Peter Blake, Gavin Turk and Vic Reeves, pictured at this year’s Art Car Boot in London. As well as being a comedian and currently appearing in BBC One’s Masterchef in his own name, Jim Moir, Reeves is a professional artist. Local artists include Kelvin Pawsey and Kate Knight.

Launched in 2004 in the Truman Brewery car park near Brick Lane, east London, and also run in Margate in 2015 and Hastings last year, the annual VACB also features invited artists, some well known, some newly emergent, who turn up to flog their art, courtesy of car maker Vauxhall, the sponsor. It was a neat idea and works well for both the organisers and the artists.

Apart from those already mentioned, the ‘names’ who have been involved include: Tracey Emin, Rachel Howard, Marcus Harvey and Matt Collishaw, to name just a few.