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The event is a cross between the traditional ideas of exhibition and fair. It is hosted at Molly & Maud’s Place, whose mother-and-daughter team Karen and Chloe Rymer launched the first of these events in their Kirk Hammerton location last year.

Included in the more than 10 participants at the event are eddintheclouds antiques, TallBoy Unique Interiors, 17-21 Antiques and the artist Will Watson West.

It runs from September 23-24 with an extra private opening on September 22, and puts a particular emphasis on the integration of contemporary art and antiques into contemporary living spaces.

The two-day collective also puts a spotlight on the trade in the area and the organisers see it as a chance to remind local buyers of the active trade.

“One of the reasons we developed this is that we thought we have some fantastic dealers in the north,” says Chloe. “We have some good local customers but it would be nice to attract more local business.”

Molly & Maud’s Place moved into its current location – the orchard behind Karen’s house – in 2013. The showroom is named for the two lambs that previously occupied the orchard where the wooden structure now stands (the lambs now live in a neighbouring field).

The pair staged a similar event last year, starting out as an independent venture but gradually growing to include some other local dealers. This year it will be based in the showroom and while some participants will bring a number of objects to show, some will bring only three or four.

“We’re all collaborating,” Chloe adds. “It’s not a fair format and we are not fair organisers. This is more a curated event that has grown organically and is a way to let everyone know who we are and what we do.”