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Back then he had 230 reclaimed table and floor lamps on his website, but now the number has more than doubled to 524, so numerous are the upcycling possibilities for him.

He also works on old mangles and other objects to create furniture, but that’s another story.

Antiques by Design is standing at the Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair in Battersea Park from October 3-8.

Prolific upcycler

Seemingly few vintage objects exist which Chevenix-Trench hasn’t ingeniously reworked into a light of some sort.

This former North Sea diver, owner of a watersports business in Essex for 17 years, has been dubbed ‘upcycler extraordinaire’ on BBC One’s Money for Nothing series.

His projects include tennis rackets, snowshoes, cavalry boots, taps, propellers, an old London bus roll destination sign, an oxen-yoke, an eel trap and a host of musical instruments such as a trombone.

As for what is his most popular reclaimed lamp design, Chevenix- Trench says: “One of our best-selling items is decommissioned 1920s 12-bore shotguns.

“I turn them into standard lamps and table lamps and I also make wall lights out of them.

“Leftover barrels can make loo roll holders, door handles and clothes display rails. So, that bit of history has a new life for the next few hundred years.

“They will never make these guns again so I feel it is my duty to upcycle and save those pieces.”