An early 18th century ‘bakufu daimyo’ quality russet iron ‘gusoku’, priced at £45,000 by Jones & Jones at the 'Samurai Armor Fair' in Amsterdam.

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The event takes place on February 18 at the NH Caransa Hotel during the third Japanese Legacy Symposium taking place in the nearby city of Leiden from February 17-18.

So far Peter Finer (UK), Giuseppe Piva Arte Giapponese (Italy), Jones & Jones Oriental Art (UK), Philippe Leemans (Belgium) and Henk Milius (Netherlands) are set to stand at the event. Jones & Jones will offer this early 18th century bakufu daimyo quality russet iron gusoku, priced at £45,000.

The announcement of the fair follows the creation of a new Western branch of the Association for the Research and Preservation of Japanese Helmets and Armor, the organising body behind the new event, in April 2017.

It is a branch of Tokyo’s Japanese Armor Society, which has been operating for more than 50 years.