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Measuring between 6¼-12in (17-30cm) long and attributed to Vauxhall or Brampton, six went a bit above estimate, going to various collectors at a total of £1310.

The exception was a 6¼in (16.5cm) flask, which went to an online bidder at £3000 during the April 11-13 Hampshire sale.

Ascribed to Vauxhall or Lambeth, it was stamped R. Cooper Railway Terminus Brighton and the railway connection took it to £3000, bid by a collector online.

Also leaving an £80-120 estimate behind was a pair of 6½in (16cm) wide early 19th century Staffordshire vases modelled as figures on red horses which went to a collector at £4100.

Topping the day was a Black Forest tobacco jar. The 19in (49cm) tall hiking hound, with head and backpack opening to reveal tobacco pouches, was catalogued as a Bavarian work and possibly one of only two examples of this figure.

Estimated at £2000-3000, it went to a dealer on the phone at £9000.