Paul (left) and Alex Peacock started trading four years ago and opened a showroom in Pimlico earlier this month.

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1. How did you get your start?

We were furnishing our apartment in a Grade II-listed house in Hampstead. We kept buying antique furniture of different periods and quality until we ran out of space and had to start selling. Dealing was never an intention – collecting was.

As the volume of buying and selling increased, our hobby demanded considerable time and effort be spent on research, knowledge acquisition and taste development. At some point we had to get realistic – this was no longer a hobby but a full-time job. We thought of the branding and started trading as Peacock’s Finest.

2. The first sale you remember making?

A collection of stamps as a child. In retrospect it was probably worth much more but, hey, I got an ice cream.

3. How has the trade changed?

We have seen prices going up slowly but steadily since we began trading almost four years ago. Also, people are tired of empty spaces and there is definitely a trend towards interiors rich in fine furniture, detail, pattern, texture and colour.

That means real wood and abundance of textiles. Plastic and MDF are out. Grey is dead. Over time our offerings have changed significantly as we have listened to our clients and observed the market.

4. An exhibition you would love to stage?

There are no concrete plans yet but we would love to do ‘After Antiquity,’ an exhibition of fine English furniture.

5. Real ale or espresso martini?

Gyokuro tea!

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